4 Tips for Getting the Best Results from Your Plastic Surgery

When patients make the decision to move ahead with plastic surgery, they typically have the end result in mind. However, before you can reach that desired outcome, there is an entire process of preparing for your surgery, undergoing the procedure and then recovering from the event. The way in which you handle each step in the process will determine how positive your results will be. Dr Morris Ritz, an experienced plastic surgeon in a wide range of face and body procedures, has four tips that will help you enjoy the best possible results from your plastic surgery.

Get Ready 

A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to getting the best outcome from plastic surgery. Stocking up on food, filling prescriptions and lining up care for the first couple of days after surgery are good places to start. Your surgeon is also likely to have a checklist to help you get ready for your procedure. By following that list, you will be able to relax and recover once you are home without worry over unfinished projects or tasks.

Take Time

There is simply no way around the fact that any type of surgery, including plastic surgery, involves a recovery process. Allowing yourself ample time for healing will make a big difference in how fast and how well you recover. Trying to do too much too soon will leave you exhausted and could even impact the final results of your procedure. Talk to your doctor about what you should expect in terms of recovery time and take that time off from work and other activities so you can focus on healing.

Follow Instructions

Plastic surgeons usually have a list of pre- and post-operative instructions for their patients. These instructions are designed to ensure you have the safest and most successful surgical procedure possible. Take the time to read through these checklists and follow them to the letter, from how to take medications after surgery to when you need to come in for follow-up appointments.

Seek Support

You started into your plastic surgery adventure with an image in your mind of what you wanted to look like when the procedure was completed. The truth is that most plastic surgery patients come out of their surgery looking worse than before they started, due to inevitable bruising and swelling. It is not unusual for patients to experience some frustration and even depression in those early days. Having a support system in place will help you ride out those early days and weeks of recovery, until the image you see in the mirror is the one you were hoping for.

Plastic surgery is an involved process that requires time and patience to achieve the final result. However, most patients find the effort is well worth it when they see their desired outcome. To learn more about the plastic surgery process, contact Dr Morris Ritz on 03 9508-9508.

4 Tips for Getting the Best Results from Your Plastic Surgery