Body Contouring Options for Men

body contouring for menPlastic and Cosmetic Surgery used to be known as a “woman’s world”. People are now beginning to realise that that is not the case. Plastic and Cosmetic procedures are available to help restore balance after trauma and help restore body confidence if you are uncomfortable and unhappy with your appearance. Every person deserves the right to feel and look good, and that includes you, fellas.

‘Body contouring’ is a term to define a set of procedures used to contour the body post weight loss. With increased popularity in Body Contouring procedures in our male clientele, we thought it would be handy to outline what procedures are available, and how they are beneficial to men.

Body Lift

A Body Lift encompasses a variety of procedures, all focusing on different areas. Upon your initial consultation with Mr Morris Ritz, he will be able to design a procedure catered to you, to achieve your body goals.

The areas a Body Lift target are as follows:

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Flanks (the sides of your body between the ribs and the hips)
  • Arms (otherwise known as Brachioplasty)
  • Buttocks

Generally, a Body Lift is a combination of several of the above procedures. A Lower Body Lift will include those regions of the lower body (such as buttocks, thighs and abdomen) while an Upper Body Lift will include the arms and then up into the facial region, lifting the area around the neck. If need be, a complete Body Lift is possible; this will be discussed with Mr Morris Ritz during your consultation process.

During your procedure, you will be placed under general anaesthesia. Discreet incisions will be made to keep scarring to an absolute minimum post surgery. Once these incisions are made, the skin on the focused area will be lifted, fatty tissue will be treated with liposuction, excess skin will be trimmed and then secured into position.

Recovery time depends on the area addressed, though a stay in hospital will be required. Most patients stay approximately one week to ensure that healthy and successful healing takes place. Once you return home, a compression garment may need to be worn for the following six weeks. During this time, tenderness and swelling are completely normal, and will gradually disappear as time goes by. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled before surgery, allowing Mr Morris Ritz to follow your recovery journey and monitor your healing process.

Fat Transfer

A Fat Transfer, like a Body Lift can be performed in various areas. Used for several reasons, a Fat Transfer is commonly known to correct defects by plumping areas that are lacking volume. Nowadays, Fat Transfer can give natural-looking results with their augmentation procedures, allowing natural fillers to be inserted into the breasts or buttocks as opposed to silicone implants.

Regarding body contouring, a Fat Transfer procedure lets you use your excess fat to your advantage. Through the process of liposuction, excess fatty tissue is extracted from unwanted areas, such as the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. The extracted fat is then treated to ensure that it is ideal for reinsertion, and once treated, added back into the body in the desired location. This allows the body to be contoured to a desired shape post weight loss.

Often teamed with a Body Lift procedure, the two procedures together complement each other nicely. The Body Lift can remove the stubborn fat post weight loss and trim excess skin, while the Fat Transfer can put the extracted fat to good use, contouring the face, breasts, buttocks, hands and more.

If performed as a solo treatment, a Fat Transfer does not necessarily require a length stay in hospital, with most patients returning home the same day of surgery. A compression garment must still be worn, as in a Body Lift for the six-week recovery process, and Mr Ritz will organise follow-up appointments with you to monitor your recovery journey.

Pectoral Implants

Pectoral Implants are a fantastic option for those men who have trouble gaining definition in the chest region. Whether it is due to your body type, or your schedule not allowing you to visit the gym regularly enough to make an impact, Mr Morris Ritz has a solution.

Soft, yet solid silicone implants can be inserted into the chest, emulating the look and feel of a natural Pectoral muscle. These implants will be placed underneath the muscle, to give an even more natural look and feel. With incisions placed in the armpit, scarring is kept to an absolute minimum and after your day surgery, you will be able to return home.

For the six weeks following your procedure, a compression garment is worn on the chest, to ensure successful healing. Exercise will need to be stopped during this initial period, with most patients returning to their regular workout routine a month or so afterward.

Gynaecomastia Surgery

Gynaecomastia is a common condition amongst men, where the breast tissue is enlarged. This can occur due to many factors, such as hormone imbalance, weight loss or medication use. Frequently called ‘Male Breast Reduction’, this surgery is performed often to allow men to contour and define their chest; an area which previously made them feel self-conscious.

During the procedure, Mr Morris Ritz will remove excess fatty and glandular tissue from the breast area, by making small incisions around the areola. Minimal scarring will occur, though this will fade with time, and be disguised well around the circumference of the areola.

A few days will have you feeling better and back to limited duties, with vigorous physical activity being limited until Mr Ritz gives you the all clear.

How are these procedures beneficial for men?

Both men and women hold weight differently. Women may hold onto stubborn fat around the thighs, whereas men hold stubborn fat around the abdomen. For this reason, a Body Lift is tailor-made to suit each individual. Mr Ritz will identify the problem areas for every single client, allowing maximum positive results to be achieved in the process.

More often than not, healthy eating and vigorous exercise may not be enough to achieve your body goals. Lifestyle, career and various other factors prohibit men from shifting that stubborn fat, therefore hindering their ability to reach their goals without assistance. Whether it is Gynaecomastia, general lack of definition or excess fatty tissue and skin being present after weight loss, Mr Morris Ritz’ Body Lift procedures allow men to feel confident about their bodies again, through his experience, knowledge and unique skill set.

During your initial consultation with Mr Morris Ritz, a thorough assessment of your body will be performed. Your goals will be discussed, all questions answered and all facets about the procedure explained. Mr Ritz will identify a procedure that will suit your individual situation and tailor-make this procedure to achieve your goals and needs.

We understand that not all men are comfortable with the idea of a cosmetic procedure, though we encourage you to call us and formulate your own, educated opinion after your consultation. A life filled with confidence in the skin you’re in is always worth it, (03) 9508 9503. 

Body Contouring Options for Men