Buttock Implants in Melbourne

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About Buttock Implants

Buttock implants are used to enhance and fill out the buttocks, primarily in patients who do not have other alternatives such as fat to fill them out. Many patients, especially women, could do squats all day and still not see improvement in the size of their rear. Buttock implants give these patients the opportunity to have a full derriere that is perfectly shaped, without the sweat.

Butt implants can be made of soft silicone or silicone gel of various shapes. The material used will be decided based on your consultation with Mr Ritz. Your goals for the surgery will determine the strategy he uses for the procedure.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation with Mr Ritz, you will have the opportunity to discuss what you want out of buttock implants, including size, shape, firmness, etc. With that in mind, Mr Ritz will assess your current shape and help you decide which material and size will be best for you.

Mr Ritz will also discuss with you the details of your procedure, answering any questions you might have and giving you complete transparency. You will be informed of any complications that are possible with the buttock implant surgery. You will discuss your medical history, any medications you are taking and any risks associated with those factors so that you are fully informed before you make your final decision. If you do opt for surgery, you will have an additional consultation with Mr Ritz two weeks prior to discuss logistics, full details, post-operative care and of course to answer any additional questions you may have.

During the Surgery

You will be given a specific time to arrive at the hospital. When you arrive, Mr Ritz will make proper markings on your body as surgical guides, and an anaesthetist will administer the appropriate medication.

Buttock implants are placed through an incision just above the natal cleft, or the groove between the buttocks. This incision will leave nearly invisible scars, as they will be hidden well. As the gluteal muscles are complex and abundant, the implants will be placed within the gluteus maximus muscle, allowing for a natural look and the ability to grow those muscles without impeding on the implants and keeping them in place. The wound will be sealed once implants are placed and positioned symmetrically.


This procedure is usually performed as day surgery, meaning you can return home after surgery, with the help of a friend or family member. You should completely avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for two weeks and must wear a compression garment to hold the position and shape of the implants for that period of time. This is extremely important in maintaining your results and the symmetry of your buttocks.

Post-Operative Care

As stated above, it is important that you keep weight off of your buttocks for at least two weeks following surgery to ensure the integrity of the implants and their placement. For two weeks, you can sit upright with a pillow under your thighs so that weight is not on your buttocks, or lie from side to side. Generally, implants do not need to be changed, but in situations in which they lose symmetry, your surgeon can adjust them.

If you follow Mr Ritz’s post-operative care instructions carefully, you will be sure to have great results and a speedy recovery. Be sure not to engage in strenuous activity for at least one month after surgery and give yourself ample time to rest and allow your body full healing. If you have any questions or experience any complications during recovery, contact Mr Ritz immediately to seek proper care.

Benefits of Buttock Implants

Buttock implants offer women of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to be confident in a perfectly shaped and sized rear. Our patients enjoy the following benefits after this procedure:

  • Boosted Confidence: If your flat behind makes you feel self-conscious or less feminine in your shape, a buttock lift can help you take pride in your beautiful figure and love your new curves.
  • Shape and Tone: Buttock implants give patients guaranteed shapely, perfectly toned cheeks. They do not need to worry about the way their body carries weight; rather, they are given the exact shape they desire, without hours in the gym.
  • A New Fit: Enjoy Brazilian cut bikinis in the summer and skinny jeans in the winter! Trends do not need to be exclusive to certain body types when you have the booty to fill out any silhouette!

If you would like to learn more about the buttock implant procedure or schedule a consultation with Mr Ritz, call us today: 03 9508 9508.