Choosing Your Body Contouring Surgeon in Melbourne

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When you’ve lost a significant amount of weight everything about you feels different, the way you feel in the clothes you wear to your obvious confidence boost. You’ve worked so hard to lose the unwanted and unhealthy weight, but there are a few things about major weight loss you may not have thought about before. When you’re directed by your doctor to lose weight, or you’re driven to lose weight to lower your risk for heart disease, you may not have thought about the excess skin that would be left over at the end of it all. You might be thinking, what a fine reward that was! Don’t worry; you can still have your reward of beautifully contoured skin that shows off your newly found curves—body contouring surgery is the reward.

What is body contouring surgery?

Body contouring surgery is for people that have worked off all their extra weight and have spent time maintaining their new, healthy weight and want to get rid of all their sagging or excess skin left over from that weight loss. This surgery not only removes the excess skin that no longer has fatty tissues to fill it, but takes care of any loose tissues that support the skin at its base such as muscle and connective tissues. The areas that generally require these modifications during surgery are the abdomen, arms, groin, neck, face, inner and outer thighs and under the arms. Because there are many areas of the body that require modification to help you get the body shape and aesthetic results you want, you need to make sure you choose the best body contouring plastic surgeon to help you do that.

Choose the Right Body Contouring Surgeon for You

These areas of the body that require the most modifications are delicate and should be handled with care and by an experienced plastic surgeon that you feel the most comfortable. When looking into qualified plastic surgeons in Melbourne, Mr Morris Ritz suggests getting to know your surgeon. Scheduling a consultation with your body contouring surgeon; take your time when you first enter the clinic so you can see what the office looks like and get to know the staff. You will be working with these staff members when you call and have questions about anything before or after your surgery. The staff should reflect the body contouring surgeon they work for.

The Body Contouring Surgeon (Personality)

Once you’ve spent time in the facility and spoken with the staff, it is time to see your body contouring surgeon. Upon meeting them, you’ll know if you’re compatible as you talk about your surgeon and the questions they ask about you. We know that you have prepared some questions about their body contouring surgery, but they should ask the right questions of you as well. They should ask you about your lifestyle and the changes you made to reach your current weight loss goal. Since this type of plastic surgery requires each patient to have maintained a healthy weight, they should make sure you understand that this surgery will only be a benefit if you maintain your weight.

Their Recommendations for Body Contouring Surgery

During this consultation, you should ask them about their surgical experience, especially with body contouring. How many years of experience have they had? You want to know that this surgeon has had a lot of practice with these procedures and can help offer the right surgical recommendations for your body type. During this conversation, once you find out about their experience, they will talk about the particular surgeries you’ll need. Not every patient will require arm lift, thigh lift, tummy tuck and breast lift (for women); they will tell you which surgeries will benefit you most. Each patient has ideas about the shape of their bodies and will know which of these areas they need the most. You will agree with the right surgeon when they’re on the right track with your vision for a beautifully contoured body.

The right surgeon will go through each body area you need contouring, and they will work with you to draw up plans that will show you what you can expect after the surgery is done. As you walk through your future body contouring surgery with the right surgeon, you will feel confident speaking to them and making these plans. Everything you talk about should align and they will be honest with you about your results. Mr Morris Ritz gets to know each patient before he begins planning their body contouring surgery so that he can contour based on your desires. Leaving the clinic feeling confident about your decisions, all pre and post op steps, will tell you that you’ve chosen the right surgeon. Mr Morris Ritz’s Body Contouring Surgeries Include:

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Choosing Your Body Contouring Surgeon in Melbourne