Autologous Fat Transfer in Melbourne

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About Fat Transfer

Fat transfer can be performed in a number of areas. It can be used to correct defects and also to augment certain areas of the body. Most areas can be fat grafted, and it is most often used in breast reconstruction patients who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy, to give better shape and fullness. Fat transfer can also be used for liposuction patients who need other areas filled such as the breasts of buttocks, or to correct congenital deformities such as Poland’s syndrome.

Fat transfer offers patients a chance to use their own excess fat to their advantage, removing it from unwanted areas and boosting other regions for a more flattering silhouette. It is a revolutionary way to achieve plastic surgery goals without employing implants or injectable chemicals to add volume.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, Mr Ritz will discuss the fat transfer procedure with you in great detail. You will go over pre-operative care, including ensuring you are in good health for the procedure and quitting habits like smoking which may put you at further risk during surgery. You will learn about what happens during the surgery and what kind of recovery and post-operative care are involved with fat transfer. If you might be at risk for any complications, Mr Ritz will inform you so that you know fully what you are opting for. Though many complications may be minor, it is important that you are fully aware of all possibilities.

You will be required to provide a full medical history to ensure your candidacy for a surgical procedure, and Mr Ritz will evaluate your body to note which areas can be used to remove fat to reach your body contouring goals. When you book your surgery, you will also schedule a second consultation for 2 weeks prior, to review any questions you might have and go over the logistics of your surgery day.

During the Surgery

When you arrive at the hospital (typically 1-2 hours before surgery time), Mr Ritz will meet you to make appropriate markings on the body for liposuction. Anaesthesia will be administered and proper injections made to ensure easy access to the stores of fat and minimal or hidden scarring. Unwanted fat will be removed via liposuction and then treated for optimal injection back in the body.

When the area being adjusted is located, the removed fat will be injected with a syringe; no scarring is necessary. This is typically a day surgery procedure but may require an overnight stay if the liposuction is more extensive or includes additional surgery for skin tightening. You will be given proper notice and instructions for your stay during your consultation. Note that you will not be released to return home the same day without the assistance of a friend or family member.


After surgery, you will be required to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks to ensure proper and symmetrical healing of the treated areas. Recovery from liposuction varies from patient to patient and depends on from which area of the body fat is removed. You will be given full information on your particular recovery process prior to surgery so that you can plan accordingly and be fully aware of what your day will look like.

Post-Operative Care

It is important that you follow instructions for post-operative care very carefully and thoroughly. If you take proper care of your body, you can ensure a seamless and successful healing process. You will not be able to drive for about 1-2 weeks after surgery, to ensure your safety and guard against any medications you may be taking that can alter your ability to operate a vehicle.

Rest is always key in the body’s healing process, so aim to put the least amount of stress on your body as you recover. Typically, full recovery from fat transfer takes 4-6 weeks, at which point you may begin exercising and engaging in your normal schedule. Ease back into strenuous physical activity, and be sure to listen to your body if you need a break. Additionally, it is important to keep realistic expectations of your results. If you remove unwanted fat from an area you are prone to gaining weight, you must dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain these results in the long-term.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

One of the most successful means of body contouring, fat transfer offers many benefits to patients, including:

  • No use of foreign objects in the body: when you choose fat transfer for your body contouring needs, you are able to see the results you have always wanted without the worry of caring for implants or maintaining results from injectable solutions.
  • Optimal body shaping: have you ever thought, I wish I could move the fat in my thighs to increase my bust size, or something of the sort? This procedure makes that exact idea a reality. You can both lose unwanted fat and gain a more flattering figure using what you already have in your body. It is safe, successful and long lasting.
  • Pride and confidence in oneself: you will finally be able to have the body of your dreams and see something you love when you look in the mirror. We believe everyone should be happy with the way they look, and with fat transfer you are able to relocate stores of fat to areas that will boost your self esteem.
  • Treat some congenital deformities: congenital diseases are difficult to treat, but some which alter the way you look, including Poland’s syndrome, can be altered with fat transfer.

If you are interested in learning more about fat transfer or scheduling a consultation with Mr Ritz, call today: 03 9508 9508.