Guys: Now is the best time for your Gynaecomastia

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What is Gynaecomastia? Gynaecomastia is a condition in which the tissue of the male breast is enlarged. This can be due to hormone imbalances or weight loss. Gynaecomastia Surgery, sometimes labelled ‘Male Breast Reduction’ aims to remove excess fatty and glandular tissue from the area. This allows the chest to blend in harmoniously with the rest of the body’s features.

Why would I need it? If you’ve heard of Gynaecomastia before, we are not surprised. Approximately 40-60% of men have this condition at some point in their lives. For many men, this condition appears during puberty, when hormone levels are ever-changing. Less common, though still a contributing factor is medication. Certain prescribed and recreational drugs can cause hormone imbalances, resulting in Gynaecomastia.

For some, Gynaecomastia dissipates with time. For others, however, it causes embarrassment and a poor self-esteem for many years. This is where Mr Morris Ritz can help.

Gynaecomastia Surgery can help to rid the breasts of excess glandular and fatty tissues, resulting in a more sculpted, masculine and firmer chest. If your appearance is making you feel self-conscious and unhappy, this procedure could be an ideal choice.

By undergoing Gynaecomastia Surgery, you will say goodbye to the excess tissue around the chest and hello to new confidence, better fitting clothing and reduced discomfort around the area.

What does the procedure involve?

A combination of procedures will take place, depending on what is best suited to your unique situation. Your plastic surgeon will assess your body during the consultation period and determine the methods that will successfully and efficiently achieve your aesthetic goals.

Performed as day surgery under general anaesthetic, the procedure takes approximately one hour to complete. Incisions will be made around the areola, which will result in minimal scarring that will fade with time. The excess breast tissue will then be extracted, liposuction may be used and the nipple may be repositioned depending on what is necessary to achieve the desired look.

How long is my recovery process?

The day following your surgical procedure will see all drains removed from the area. Depending on what your plastic surgeon advises, a surgical vest with padding may be placed over the treated area. This protective vest will help to stabilise the area during the six-week recovery process and will help to prevent additional breast tissue forming.

Any stitches placed around the areola during your procedure will naturally dissolve in time, and Mr Morris Ritz will monitor your progress throughout your Gynaecomastia recovery journey to ensure that you are healing correctly.

A few days to recover is all that you will need before returning to limited physical duties. Office work and other non-physical activities are permitted after one week, with all physical exercise being taboo until your plastic surgeon advises it is safe to return.

Will this affect my gym regime?

In short, yes. In the grand scheme of things, no.

For the six week recovery period, you may not be able to resume your regular gym activities. This allows correct and successful healing to occur. Those who rush their recovery period may cause complications, which either interrupt their recovery and extend it or reverse the success of the procedure altogether. It is vital that you follow the directions specified by your qualified plastic surgeon during this time, to see the successful results of your procedure.

When is the best time to begin?

Timing your surgical procedure can be confusing, with many people unsure as to the best time to undergo treatment. When it comes to Gynaecomastia, we advise the following:

  • Assess your body goals. If you are hoping to lose more weight, do so before your Gynaecomastia procedure.
  • If you are experiencing puberty, let this happen before worrying about your body. After all, for many men, their Gynaecomastia subsides with time.
  • Organise a consultation. Our team are here to help. With approximately half the male population dealing with Gynaecomastia, you are not alone. Let Mr Morris Ritz assess your body and determine when is best to organise treatment.

Where do I go from here?

If you are feeling unhappy with the appearance of your chest due to excess breast tissue, feel a lack of confidence when wearing form-fitting clothing or sharing intimate moments, then Gynaecomastia may be an ideal choice for you.

The good news is, the procedure is commonly performed by Mr Morris Ritz, who deals with the condition on a regular basis. When it comes to feeling confident, you may not feel it in your body right now, but you can happily feel confident in your choice of surgeon when you choose Mr Morris Ritz.

Give us a call to organise your initial consultation. Mr Ritz will discuss your options, answer your questions and allow you to make an informed decision that is right for you, (03) 9508 9503.

Guys: Now is the best time for your Gynaecomastia