How to Use RealSelf As a Pre-Surgery Guide

patient using realselfThe amount of surgical treatments out there and surgeons that offer them can be overwhelming. Questions like what surgery will I need or what type of doctor takes care of this issue and what are the results I can expect, come to mind. Previously, before the medical community switched over to offering most information openly on the internet about their practices, people relied on word of mouth recommendations. Now, there is a new platform that helps patients and clinicians connect effectively to communicate information on diagnoses, treatments and everything in between.

What is RealSelf?

RealSelf is the social platform that is changing the way people learn about surgical procedures and weigh out their options for treatment based on before and after photos, physician advice, procedure videos and competing treatments. This platform can help patients find everything they need to know about surgical procedures before deciding to take the next step and schedule their consultation. Nothing is left to question these days, but ultimately connecting with the right physician is the goal of RealSelf.

Patients all over the world are finding out that RealSelf is the place to find out about everything from breast augmentations for men and women alike, facial rejuvenation treatments, facelifts and mommy makeovers to Brazilian butt lifts, rhinoplasty and body contouring. So what are you waiting for? Instead of wasting countless hours scaling through pages of the internet and a plethora of websites that may or may not offer the information you need, RealSelf can help you find the answers to most of your medical questions.

Perks of RealSelf:

Community Camaraderie:

RealSelf promotes community connection and togetherness, which is the key to consumer reports and networking in the business community. Yelp is popular because of the ability for clients to share their feelings on treatments and patient care. However, it lacks in participation from the medical community that provides the service. RealSelf connects patients that have either had the surgery and can share information on recovery, results and possible re-treatments with advice from physicians on aftercare and prevention. This platform connects all sides of the patient-physician-patient community without being pushy with sales or promotions. Here you can talk with people in the community that have sought out these services, currently exploring their options with pricing or experience and the scholarly medical community for reinforcement of those opinions.

Your RealSelfie: Expert Opinion Before Consultation

Before booking your consultation with a physician—that you will have to spend time researching—you will want to make sure you find out exactly what it is you need consultation for. Clients can be nervous about approaching physicians for information about procedures if they’re not 100% sure about surgery. RealSelf has a fantastic feature that allows clients to post snaps of the specific areas they want to be treated and a blurb about their concerns asking for expert advice on what treatments they should research. Plastic surgeons sift through pages of client questions and concerns that focus on fundamental posts within their specialised field; once the doctor finds these inquiries relating to the treatments the procedures they provide, they will answer back and offer kernels of behind-the-scenes information that could help a client begin their surgical research.

Learn About Treatments

Once you’ve taken some time to post a question on RealSelf, it’s only a matter of time before the comments start rolling in. Physicians from around your area will respond to your questions and help guide you in your decision-making process. These surgeons will offer feedback on your personal photos about surgeries you’re interested in and what would be ideal for your particular cosmetic or purely medical concerns. At this point, you will now have some valuable information to explore further based on the suggestions and tips provided.

Education and Physician-to-Patient & Patient-to-Patient

Education is one of the most important guiding tools that RealSelf offers clients that’s different from any other platform unless you’ve already gone in for a consultation. This website allows you to offer your personal circumstances and needs to a number of caring physicians that want to help you find the optimal solution and treatment plan that can boost your confidence and get you the results you’ve been searching for. Finding out specific information on the treatments or procedures you’re most interested in is easy with RealSelf, Mr Morris Ritz posts much-needed answers for clients on procedures ranging from breast asymmetry, body contouring, liposuction, facelift, otoplasty, brow lift and more. There are videos, photos and step by step procedural information posts for everything you’ve been recommended by various surgeons. There’s no reason for any patient to go into a consultation without being informed about the process of their surgical procedure.

Being well versed on the treatments you’re looking to have performed by a skilled surgeon will help you come up with great questions to ask during your consultations. As you dig deeper into the various techniques and supplementary procedures you could have to enhance the desired results; you will have questions. Mr Morris Ritz encourages every patient to do their research additionally after their initial consultation to explore the technical steps required during surgery, results they should expect and what recovery will look and feel like. Surgery can be a scary thing with the amount of information available, but when you have a direct connection with surgeons and previous patients that have been through it things seem a little easier to digest as you understand more about your procedure.

Check out RealSelf and sign up for your personalised account at or check them out on social media on Facebook. After your consultation with Mr Morris Ritz, his medical staff will offer you some insight and a short walk through on how to get started with RealSelf. A whole new world of comfort with awareness to what goes on in surgery and what to expect can help you lower your stress and anxieties about the unknown.

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How to Use RealSelf As a Pre-Surgery Guide