Is a Fat Transfer the right procedure for you?

Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat Transfer, also known as Fat Shifting or Grafting, can be performed on a number of areas on the body. A fat grafting procedure transfers fat from areas in which you may have excess fat, such as the stomach or outer thighs, and injects it into areas that may be lacking volume, such as the face, buttocks, hands and breasts. Quickly becoming a popular procedure within Australia, fat transfers can be used to correct defects and can also be used to augment certain areas of the body. A safe and long-lasting procedure that produces natural looking results, patients around Australia are undergoing successful transfers and are very pleased with the results!

Under the care of Dr Ritz, you will complete an initial consultation where he will discuss the procedure with you pre operatively, what happens during the surgery and your post operative care. Dr. Ritz will also address any risks or complications involved. During the initial consultation, you will also discuss the area that you need done and then look at where the fat can be taken from. During the procedure, the fat is removed through liposuction and then injected back in with a syringe. Post surgery, you will be required to wear compression garments to maximise your results.

As explained by Dr Ritz, “most areas of the body can be fat grafted”. This procedure is not only popular from a cosmetic perspective, but also a medical perspective. Fat transfers are often used in breast reconstruction patients who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy, to give better shape and fullness. However, it can also be used in liposuction patients who need areas filled to create better symmetry and volume in the appropriate areas. It is important when undergoing any form of cosmetic surgery, that you consider the pros and cons surrounding the procedure, and if it is the right fit for you. Dr Ritz will be able to assess your current health and expectations prior to surgery, in order to move forward with a realistic plan and goals for your procedure.

When considering whether a fat transfer is the right procedure for you, it is important to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages. The PROS of such a procedure include:

  • The use of autologous fat (from your own body) as opposed to dermal fillers, which then reduces your chance of allergic reactions, infections and more.
  • The results are natural, long lasting and safe.
  • A noninvasive method for achieving facial rejuvenation, if you are opting for this procedure.

The CONS of such a procedure include:

  • It is time consuming to prepare fat tissue before transferring it, compared to dermal fillers, which are prepackaged.
  • Though longer lasting than dermal fillers, fat transfer cost more money.
  • Multiple sessions to achieve your desired breast or buttock size, if you are having an augmentation done.

At Dr Ritz’ surgery, the overall goal for all patients is to ensure that you achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking results. Dr Ritz and his team of professional staff also wish to make your surgical experience as comfortable as possible. So, in order to do this, we suggest asking Dr Ritz as many questions as possible to ensure you able to make an informed and intelligent decision on your potential surgical procedure. Some questions to include may be the following:

  • Are the results I am looking to obtain, reasonable and realistic?
  • Am I healthy enough for a fat transfer?
  • Do you have before and after photos I can look at for this procedure?
  • How many fat transferring/grafting procedures have you performed? And in what areas of the body?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure?
  • Will my scars be visible? What kind of anesthesia do you recommend for me?
  • What will be the associated costs for my procedure?
  • What will you expect of me to ensure the best results?
  • What kind of recovery period can I expect?

Like all surgical procedures, it is important to be informed on the entire process, in order to receive your desired and optimal results. Through regular consultations and the advice of Dr Ritz, you will be able to decide whether a fat transfer is the best procedure for you.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr Morris Ritz and his team of professional staff at Melbourne Body Contouring, on 03 9508 9508.

Is a Fat Transfer the right procedure for you?