Liposuction in Melbourne

liposuction patient photo

About Liposuction

Liposuction (Lipoplasty) is performed to remove areas of fatty deposits that won’t go away with diet and exercise to shape and contour the body. Liposuction removes fat cells in that area, and while they do not grow back, any existing fat cells still do expand if the normal diet and exercise regime is changed. Liposuction is not for weight loss and in fact most patients do not lose any weight at all. It is performed to shape the body.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation with Mr Ritz, he will discuss the procedure with you, pre operatively, what happens during the surgery and your post operative care, and any risks or complications involved, there are risks associated with any surgery no matter how big or small, it is important you are aware of them and understand them. Mr Ritz will discuss the areas of concern with you and discuss what outcome you can expect. You will have another consultation about 2 weeks prior to your procedure, to discuss the surgery again and answer any further questions you may have.

During the surgery

On the day of surgery you will admit anywhere from 30 mins prior to surgery depending on the hospital you are at, Mr Ritz will see you again and draw pre operative markings on you , the anaesthetist will also speak to you. Tiny incisions are made around the areas that he is going to work on, a special fluid called tumescent is injected to the areas which helps break down the fat so it’s easier to remove. A cannula is inserted and the fat cells are removed through the cannula with the help of a suction machine.


You will go home in a compression garment, which you are required to wear for 6 weeks day and night. This helps to give the best shape. We will see you for weekly dressings. Post operative care you are unable to drive for the first 2 weeks, you are also limited with physical activity, including heavy lifting and going to the gym for the first 6 weeks.