Post Weight Loss Surgery

After Weight Loss Surgery

People who have managed to lose a significant amount of weight through diet, exercise, or weight loss surgery often deal with physical effects, with unattractive, loose skin. In some cases, the excess skin can cause as many problems as the excess kilograms that they worked so hard to lose. Dr Morris Ritz is able to provide solutions for removing excess skin and providing you with the professional advice needed to undergo the right procedure for you.

Prior to a dramatic amount of weight loss, whether it is done naturally or through a surgical procedure, it is always advised that you consult your doctor to ensure that you remain healthy throughout the process. In most cases, surgery can improve loose skin and eliminate any further issues for a patient. Dr Morris Ritz provides procedures such as Abdominoplasty, Brachioplasty, Thigh and Body Lifts, all of which are excellent elective surgery options, providing positive results when it comes to dealing with unsightly loose skin. From the initial consultation to the post-operative care, Dr Ritz and his team are able to provide you with all of the information necessary to give you peace of mind and reassurance that you are in the care of professionals as you undergo the procedure.

So, what does each procedure involve?

  • Abdominoplasty – Also known as a ‘tummy tuck’ is performed to improve the overall shape of the abdomen. Patients with excess, loose skin and fatty tissue, along with patients who have muscle diastasis, which can happen following pregnancy, are all suitable candidates for this procedure.
  • Brachioplasty – Also known as arm reduction is performed to contour and shape the arms by removing excess skin, tissue and fat.
  • Thigh Lift – A thigh lift, also known as Thighplasty, is performed to remove any excess skin and fatty tissue to improve the shape and contour of the legs. It is done by excising the excess skin and is usually performed in combination with liposuction.
  • Body Lift – There are a variety of body lift procedures available at Dr Ritz’s surgery. It all depends on which is best for you and what your problem areas are. It can include the abdomen lift, thighs, buttock lift, back lift, flanks and even the arms. Often patients will have the lower body done and then the upper body at a separate time or vice versa.

So, what can I expect moving forward?

Initial Consultation
During an initial consultation with Dr Ritz, he will discuss the procedure with you, pre operatively, what happens during the surgery and your post-operative care, and any risks or complications involved. There are always risks associated with any surgery no matter how big or small, therefore, it is important you are aware of them and understand them. Dr Ritz will then ask you some questions about your medical history, including whether you have had children, as this is a factor if you are seeking abdominoplasty. At a consultation, it is important you use this time to understand your options so you can make the right decision about your surgery. Following this, Dr Ritz’s staff will schedule another consultation about 2 weeks prior to your procedure. At the second consultation you will discuss the surgery again and answer any further questions you may have.

During the surgery
On the day of surgery, you will then be admitted anywhere from 30 mins-2 hours prior to surgery, depending on the hospital you are at. Dr Ritz will see you again and draw preoperative markings on your body according to the procedure you are receiving. From here, the anaesthetist will also speak to you. During the surgery, the excess skin and fatty tissue are removed. This is often done in conjunction with liposuction to ensure the best results. Drain tubes are also put in place to remove any excess fluid, post operatively.

During your recovery, you will be required to stay in a hospital for approximately 2-3 days and you will have drain tubes in place for 48 hours. These are then taken out before you go home and you are then put in a compression garment, which you are required to wear for 6 weeks.

Postoperative care
During the post-op stage, you are unable to drive for the first 2 weeks and you are also limited when it comes to physical activity. This also includes heavy lifting and going to the gym for the first 6 weeks. During this time, you are also required to wear your compression garment, for 6 weeks, day and night.

At all times, during all post-weight loss surgery, you are provided with all of the professional advice and care necessary to ensure your surgery is a complete success. For more information or to book a consultation, please phone Dr Morris Ritz and his friendly staff on (03) 9508 9508.

Post Weight Loss Surgery