Preparing for Plastic Surgery at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery with Dr Morris Ritz

Plastic Surgery Expecations

As a cosmetic professional, Dr Morris Ritz understands that choosing to undergo surgery is a personal and private decision. So, for any patient, it is important to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically in order to maximise the surgery experience and results. It is recommended that you prepare in the following ways:

Read Your Notes
It is so important before partaking in any kind of cosmetic surgery, that you read the notes that you will be given during your consultation. You should also ask questions so you can find out as much as possible about the type of procedure you will be receiving. This will not only provide you with peace of mind, but it will also ensure that you select the right procedure for you. Many doctors and surgeons have different procedures they specialise in and also different options and advice for their patients, so it is important that you read the notes and complete as much research as possible.

Prepare your mind
Mental preparation is the key to successful cosmetic surgery. It is important to schedule a consultation with Dr Ritz to ensure that you’re not only prepared, but that your goals and expectations are also realistic. For many people, mental preparation is also important when it comes to self-image and confidence. Expectations and results can differ, so it is important that each patient is as prepared as possible and feels comfortable to discuss their options with Dr Ritz.

Remain hydrated
It is recommended that most adults drink between six to eight glasses of water each da, however, this is especially important prior to surgery, to help cleanse and hydrate your body. Fluid intake can often be reduced during procedures therefore, it is important to maintain high fluid levels in preparation for surgery.

Build a strong post-surgery support system
Following cosmetic surgery, you may feel vulnerable, unsure and obviously requiring physical care. Therefore, it is important that you have a strong network of friends and family around you to offer emotional support, as well as assist you with the physical activity and day-to-day maintenance of your pre-surgery lifestyle. It is also very important that you are comfortable and well cared for to ensure a speedy recovery

Have realistic expectations
It is important that prior to any procedure, you have realistic expectations going into your cosmetic surgery. Invasive surgery will leave a scar, although there are many options to help minimise scarring and assist wound healing. The outcome of every procedure is different and results are often dependent on the individual, patient, age, skin, personal circumstances and type.

Dr Morris Ritz will be able to equip you with all of the information about your procedure, including risks or complications that may occur, so you can be fully prepared for any outcome. Dr Ritz’s role is to ensure that he understands your goals and can ideally help you to achieve realistic expectations.

With a combination of communication, experience and knowledge, Dr Ritz and his team at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery will work together, with you, to ensure the best results possible. To learn more about successful cosmetic surgery procedures, or to schedule a consultation with Dr Ritz himself, phone the clinic on 03 9508 9508.

Preparing for Plastic Surgery at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery with Dr Morris Ritz