Thigh Lift in Melbourne

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About Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is performed to remove any excess skin and fatty tissue to improve the shape and contour of the legs. It is done by excising the excess skin and is usually performed in combination with liposuction.

Men and women who feel they have trouble losing fat in this area, have excessive fat stores or are self-conscious about the weight in their thighs can benefit from the results of a thigh lift. This procedure is the safest and quickest way to remove large amounts of fat from the body.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation with Mr Ritz, he will discuss each aspect of the thigh lift procedure with you, including the following:

  • Pre-operative preparation
  • What happens during the surgery
  • Post-operative care
  • Risks or complications involved (there are risks associated with any surgery no matter how big or small; it is important you are aware of them and understand them)

Mr Ritz will also need to know about your medical history and assess the area to be treated, ensuring you are a safe and qualified candidate for a thigh lift surgery. You will have a chance to discuss your goals for the procedure, and together you will create realistic expectations for your long-term results.

You will have another consultation about 2 weeks prior to your procedure, to discuss the surgery again and answer any further questions you may have.

During the surgery

On the day of surgery, you will admit anywhere from 30 mins-2 hours prior to surgery, depending on which hospital in which you are being treated. Mr Ritz will see you again to draw pre operative markings on your body and an anaesthetist will employ the sedative discussed between you and your doctor.

During surgery, an incision is made at the top of the thigh near the groin or vertically down the leg. Once the incision has been made, liposuction is performed to break down and remove fat from the body. Excess skin is then trimmed to fit your new shape and the incisions are closed.


You are required to stay in hospital for 1-2 days. You may also have drain tubes placed to manage the excess fluids resulting from surgery.

When your drain tubes are removed, you will be dressed with compression garments, which are to be worn day and night for 6 weeks. During your weekly visit to our offices for check-ins on your healing progress, you will have your dressings changed. If you follow post-operative care instructions carefully, you are sure to have a safe, successful recovery.

Post-operative Care

Following your procedure, Mr Ritz will give you thorough instructions for your post- operative care. You will be unable to drive for 2 weeks following your thigh lift and should avoid strenuous activity for at least 6 weeks. If you have children at home, you may want to seek help prior to your surgery, as holding your children, cleaning home and caring for a household will all be difficult to manage on your own during recovery.

It is important to keep realistic expectations for your long-term recovery goals whenever you opt for a plastic surgery procedure. You should begin to modify your diet and exercise habits before your procedure so that your body becomes accustomed to a healthier lifestyle and is fit to keep up with the dramatic fat loss results. While results from liposuction and thigh lift are meant to be permanent, you can always gain fat by returning to old habits. Your results are in your own hands!

Benefits of a Thigh Lift

If you are interested in a thigh lift, you may enjoy the following benefits from the procedure results:

  • Sleeker, thinner silhouette
  • Leaner legs and thighs
  • Removal of excess skin and fat
  • Thighs that are sculpted and have a flattering shape
  • Confidence in the way you look and feel

A thigh lift is more than just a procedure that alters the way your bottom half appears; many patients receive amazing confidence from regaining control over their body’s shape and looking their absolute best.

If you are interested in learning more about the thigh lift procedure or scheduling your first consultation, contact Morris Ritz’s office at 03 9508 9508. We would love to help you love your body once again. As a member of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, he is a trusted source for quality service, safety and great results.