Things I Wish I Knew Before My Fat Transfer Procedure

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No matter how hard we work to improve the look of our body, from weight loss and muscle building down to spray tanning, there’s always something that we can’t seem to modify. Usually, for patients who Mr Morris Ritz sees for body contouring, the issue is excess fat around the tummy, thighs and under the arms. These areas are usually a problem since the skin stretches so much when we have a lot of excess fat here, and once it’s stretched out, the only way to remove it is through surgical skin excision and contouring. Mr Morris Ritz suggests fat transfer procedures to help contour those parts of the body that look the most uneven or simply have more fat than you like.

It’s a dream come true to know that what we once thought about as a ‘what if’ scenario to remove fat from one area such as your tummy or buttocks and move it to your breasts, is now a real thing that surgeons can do. These fat transfer procedures are the best way for clients that are within 5-10 kilograms of their ideal weight, to reshape their abdomen, add volume to their breasts and boost volume elsewhere in the body such as the face. But there are some things many patients wish they knew before their fat transfer procedure that Mr Morris Ritz would like to share with you, should you decide to come in for a consultation.

Before your fat transfer procedure, you should know the following:

Volume loss or gain is possible!

Fat transfer is permanent, but it does not mean these areas cannot change as time goes on. After your fat transfer procedure to various areas of the body from excess, should you lose or gain weight, these areas can lose volume or add more fat cells. The volume added may not stay that way forever.

Fat transfer isn’t just for breasts.

With the new breast augmentation procedure using direct transfer of fat from the patient’s own tissues, many people assume that this is the only way we can utilise this extra fat. Although this is one of the ways we can make use of this excess fat, it’s only one of the many uses we have for it. Fat can be extracted from anywhere it’s in excess and can be transferred into bags under the eyes, areas of the face where there are multiple fine lines and wrinkles or in the place of dermal fillers to replace lost volume. We can add fat to the buttocks as well if you’re interested in adding some extra cushion onto your backside.

More than one treatment may be required.

Not everyone needs multiple treatments for fat transfer to take the full effect, but sometimes more injections are needed to achieve the right look. After some of the fat settles in certain patients, there may be areas we can enhance and contour. Some patients find that natural fat needs more shaping and is sometimes uneven. Natural fat falls where it settles, but we can shape and inject into specific areas using a variety of tricks to get the best result for your body.

There will be some soreness after the procedure.

After your fat injection procedure is done, there may be some soreness to the area surrounding the insertion of the liposuction cannula and fat extraction. This is normal and should be shared with all patients before the procedure, so you know what to expect. This soreness varies from patient to patient but generally only lasts a short while as the body heals.

We love this fat transfer option for our patients and encourage them to ask questions during their consultation. Feel free to schedule your consultation for fat transfer with Mr Morris Ritz today on 03 9508 9508.

Things I Wish I Knew Before My Fat Transfer Procedure