Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy

tummy tuck patient post pregnancy

A Tummy Tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures of today. It is an effective and efficient way to rid the body of stubborn fatty tissue and skin post-pregnancy or substantial weight loss. Otherwise referred to as an Abdominoplasty, A Tummy Tuck can remove stubborn fat, reposition the muscles, remove excess skin and reposition the belly button; leaving you looking taut, trim and terrific after considerable body changes.

When is the best time to undergo a Tummy Tuck procedure?

Whether it is after weight loss or pregnancy, the most important thing to consider is whether you are at your goal weight. A Tummy Tuck is a surgical fat loss and trimming procedure, though it is not a weight-loss procedure. Therefore, if you are almost but not quite there yet, keep on your healthy diet and exercise regime until you are happy with your weight. From there, Mr Morris Ritz can remove the excess fatty tissue and skin, through Liposuction if necessary, and restore the tummy to a more desirable shape and look.

Can I get a Tummy Tuck after pregnancy?

Absolutely! After pregnancy is the ideal time to undergo your Tummy Tuck procedure. Most postpartum women find it difficult to rid themselves of excess tissue and skin around the abdomen area, especially that which has stretched substantially after pregnancy. This can be the cause of self-esteem issues and a lack of confidence, which can contribute to postpartum depression and body issues.

Mr Morris Ritz aims to restore body confidence in new mothers by restoring the appearance of the lower tummy region to how it was pre-pregnancy.

When is the ideal time to undergo a Tummy Tuck post-pregnancy?

When opting for a Tummy Tuck procedure post-pregnancy, we advise a six-month wait, to allow the body to adapt to the changes taking place before undergoing a surgical procedure.

An important factor to consider is whether you would like to fall pregnant in the future. A Tummy Tuck can be revised and performed again if necessary, however, this may not be a viable option for you, depending on many factors such as time, finances and current situation.

However, if you are planning a family and foresee more children in the near future, consider postponing your Tummy Tuck procedure to a time when your family is complete, or when you are not planning to fall pregnant again. This will extend the positive results of your Tummy Tuck procedure, and allow you to reap the benefits of a flatter, more taut tummy for years to come (as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise).

What is the downtime after the Tummy Tuck procedure?

You will be required to stay in hospital for two to four days post-procedure. This will allow Mr Ritz to successfully monitor your initial recovery and remove drainage tubes as needed. The following six-week period will see you wearing a compression garment, and avoiding vigorous activity. Activities will gradually be introduced as per Mr Morris Ritz’ recovery program, with regular follow-up appointments taking place to monitor your progress.

Where do I go from here?

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, or simply learn more about our Tummy Tuck procedures here at Body Contouring Melbourne, contact the clinic on (03) 9508 9503. Our team can schedule your appointment and have you beginning your journey today.

Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy