Why Pectoral Implants could be your answer!

pectoral implants malvernIn the same way that some women want their breasts to be the ideal shape and size, some men also desire a masculine, defined chest, comprising strong pectoral muscles.

The only issue with this is that strong, defined pectoral muscles are difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve. This can be due to your body type or simply because your lifestyle doesn’t allow the intense, frequent training that is required to achieve the look desired.

Well, our view is, why should girls get all the fun? With our Pectoral Implants, men can define and sculpt their chest and achieve the look they’ve always wanted, though haven’t been able to obtain.

What happens during a Pectoral Implant procedure?

During your procedure, Mr Morris Ritz will make incisions in the axilla (the outer area of your pectorals near your armpit). Soft, solid silicone implants will then be inserted underneath the pectoral muscles, allowing the muscle to shape the implant somewhat and exude a natural appearance. It is important to note that there are many different types of Pectoral Implants available. During your initial consultation, Mr Ritz will assess your body type and shape and determine which type of implant will achieve the desired look.

The procedure is performed as day surgery, and you will be able to return home immediately after.

How long will I be out of action?

The most important part of your recovery is allowing your body to heal properly before commencing strenuous activity. Vigorous activity should be avoided for 2-4 weeks, and only resumed when Mr Ritz advises it is safe to do so. Pushing your body too soon may mean injury or disappointing results.

A compression garment should be worn for six weeks post surgery, which will aid in the correct healing of the area. It will assist in keeping the implants in place during the recovery period while helping to reduce pain after surgery.

Immediately after your procedure, you may notice difficulty attached to particular movements, such as lifting your arms. This, alongside general discomfort and pain, are completely normal and will dissipate as your recovery process continues.

Mr Morris Ritz will outline your recovery period to you during your pre-procedure consultations, giving you a clear indication of what to expect from surgery, how long recovery will take and other factors you need to be aware of.

After a month has passed, you can generally resume all muscle-building activity, though this can differ from person to person depending on their individual recovery.

Where do I begin?

The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with Mr Morris Ritz. Here he can conduct a thorough assessment of your pectoral muscles, body shape and discuss your goals. Together, with your vision and his experience and expertise, you will formulate a plan to achieve the look you’ve always desired. If you are curious as to how a Pectoral Implant procedure could improve your look, or simply want to learn more, call Mr Ritz on (03) 9508 9503.

Why Pectoral Implants could be your answer!